Space Hopper
Explore the galaxy by hopping from planet to planet.
Discover strange new worlds.
Meet strange new Aliens. Some will be peaceful and want to dance, while others will demand a fight to the death!
Collect mushrooms and relics for extra power.

Use WASD to move. Hold SHIFT to run.
Hold J, then release to jump.
Press SPACE to punch.
Click and drag MOUSE to rotate camera. Use scroll wheel to zoom.

Roboto vs. Gigante
Chaos! Monsters are emerging from the sea!
Cities around the world are in ruins!
Humanity's last hope is Roboto: Protector of Earth!
Defeat the monsters before they destroy our world!

Use WASD to move. Hold SHIFT to run.
Press SPACE to punch.

A strange cube has entered our solar system.
Your mission: DESTROY IT!
Shoot special cubes for power ups.
Keep an eye on your fuel level and gun power, or all will be lost!

Use MOUSE to aim and fire. Use scroll wheel to zoom.
Special cubes:
Grey: Extra fuel
Yellow: Deactivate shields
Green: Rapid fire
Orange: Scatter shot

Drop bombs from above!
Deformable terrain! Destructable buildings! Ragdoll soldiers! What else do you need?
Enjoy the carnage and destruction.

Use MOUSE to aim and drop bombs. Use scroll wheel to zoom.

Experimental Games

Monday May 21, 2018